/ Merian "Hawaii"

hawaiiSpectacular beaches bordered by palm trees and dramatic cliff lines, snow-covered volcanoes and igneous lava flows, a fascinating culture and the legendary “aloha spirit” – People have always been enchanted by Hawaii. This travel guide presents the most spectacular sights as well as the “hidden treasures” of the archipelago: Visit the crater of the Haleakala on Maui, the world’s biggest sleeping volcano – an unforgettable view, especially at sunrise; discover the terrific Na Pali Coast on Kauai Island, an untamed cliff line covered by a natural scarf of tropical rainforest and wild orchids; ride on the back of a mule through the historic National Park Kalaupapa Peninsula, a former leprosy colony; afford yourself a scenic flight on the helicopter – an overwhelming adventure; enjoy seemingly endless beaches and watch the international surf scene catching the waves at Ohaus North Coast; celebrate a traditional Luau-festival with the locals with singing, dancing and delicious delicacies. People looking for real insider tips are well-advised with our book.